Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two read for 2009 already

Well I have finished off two books for 2009. I first read Dyer Consequences by Maggie Sefton and finished it on Jan 15/09. I really enjoyed it and it kept me guessing on who it was.

The second book was also by Maggie Sefton and its called Fleece Navidad. A cute knitting/murder mystery set during the holiday season. I really enjoyed it too and just finished it up today, Jan 18/09. Now time to go and do some work for work! lol Before I have to actually head in for work tomorrow.

Here is alittle bit about them from

Dyer Consequences:

Kelly has a spring project in mind that's a bit more involved than her usual scarves—rehabbing the alpaca ranch she's just bought. She and her guy, Steve, are eager to put the plans they've sketched out into motion. But someone else has different ideas for keeping her busy, which seem to include slashing tires, cracking windshields and covering the walls of her cottage with red paint. Kelly's scared, but she's hoping it's just random vandalism.

All that changes when the knitting shop, House of Lambspun, is trashed and a young woman is found dead in the basement. She's been hit on the head and drowned in a tub of dye. Although it seems like a burglary gone wrong, Kelly suspects there is more to this story. And as disturbing incidents continue to pile up, she knows she must try to pick up the stitches of these crimes before a killer strikes again. But Kelly can't think what anyone at Lambspun could have done to invite such dyer consequences.

Fleece Navidad:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the knitters of Fort Connor, Colorado, who are furiously working on their holiday projects. Juliet, the town's "little brown wren" librarian, is known for her beautiful handmade Christmas capes, and she has extra reason to be joyful this year—she's in love. But as soon as she finds happiness, death finds her.

Suspicion falls on a newcomer to the knitting group, but Kelly Flynn and the rest of the crew aren't convinced of this person's guilt. It's up to them to separate the true lion from the lambs—before someone else gets fleeced...

Looking forward to her next books!